Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Evie ProctorEvie Proctor
10 out of 10!
"LDC had an amazing work base throughout, the work book was very helpful which got me to the point I’m at now (PASSED). Debbie was the best instructor and I would definitely give her 10/10. Debbie really helped me with my nerves and helped me to believe in myself and my ability to drive. I would recommend the LDC system to anyone wanting to learn to drive and also to call Debbie." Thank you Evie for the lovely testimony and for really being a great pupil, it was a real pleasure to coach you and help you to achieve and I quote “one of the biggest things I have done”. Safe and happy driving 😁🚘

Justyna Justyna
2nd Time Pass
"Debbie is a great instructor. Debbie made me feel comfortable right from the start, I have really enjoyed learning to drive with her. Debbie was so supportive and such a fantastic teacher. Debbie helped build my confidence up which enabled me to pass, I couldn’t have done it without her and I appreciate all her help and I will definitely be recommending her to all my family and friends. Using the LDC hub and driving skills workbook was very helpful to as I could prepare for each lesson. Thank you" 😊 Justyna was a joy to coach as she really took onboard everything from the start, although her nerves got the better of her on her first attempt she managed to hold it together second time round and passed with just 3 driving faults. I wish Justyna all the best with the future and many years of safe and happy driving.

Passed 1st Time
Debbie made me feel very comfortable from the very first home visit and when my lessons started. I was so nervous but Debbie made me feel relaxed. Debbie was very patient and I truly couldn’t have done any of it without Debbie’s help and continued support. The Driving Skills Workbook was very helpful and the hub for helping me with the theory test. My whole experience with my lessons was great under Debbie’s tuition. Gemma really embarrassed the LD system and worked really hard to achieve her goal. Congratulations Gemma and safe driving in the future.

Connor MunningConnor Munning
Passed 1st Time
"Debbie has been fantastic, she has boosted my confidence in all aspects of my driving. She has just been brilliant. She drilled into my head about using my left mirror and my signals on roundabouts. I don’t have many words other then she has been 10/10. I will recommend to my family and friends." Congratulations Connor and I wish you the best of luck with your career and happy and safe driving.

Alexandra DaviesAlexandra Davies
5 ⭐️ Service
Debbie was absolutely brilliant, she was very patient and over the course of the lessons she greatly improved both my skills and confidence. The workbook and videos were very useful, particularly the videos depicting manoeuvres. The learning hub was very useful for keeping track of when lessons were coming up and finding relevant resources. Alex came to me after previously failing her driving test 4 years ago, we worked on areas that needed improvement, which resulted in her building her confidence up. Alex held her nerves on the day and delivered a cracking drive with only one driving fault. Congratulations and I wish Alex many happy and safe years of driving.

Rachel LawsonRachel Lawson
Passed 1st Time
I found Debbie so easy to get on with, she really put me at ease which definitely boosted my confidence. I found the Driving Skills Workbook very useful but I did not use the theory on the hub as I had already passed my theory before I started my lessons, also I have been told that it is very helpful. Thank you Debbie for helping me pass 1st time. Rachel had in total 20 hours in lessons and was able to overcome her nerves on the day to achieve a great first time pass. I wish you many happy years driving.

Jess CarlingJess Carling
Passed 1st Time
Debbie is an amazing instructor, really made me feel confident with my driving, much better then any other instructor I had. The LD system was really helpful with doing my theory test after struggling to pass before. The workbook was helpful and helped me to prepare for each lesson. Thank you Debbie Jess was a real pleasure to coach and really took to the LD system, with a great first time pass, good luck in your future driving and stay safe.

Kerry StirzakerKerry Stirzaker
Pass 1st Time
I’ve had a few different instructors and never felt any progression or very comfortable with them, but Debbie made me feel so at ease and went over so well until I fully understood. Debbie really is a great instructor and I am so happy I called her.

The LDC workbook is a brilliant because it helps you to think over things and remind you before your next lesson and a great way to see your progression and difficulties. Would recommend Debbie to anyone, she is FAB!

Kerry was a real pleasure to teach and took a active role in all her lessons, always asked great questions and really took to the LD system. Kerry really pulled out the bag on the day, even though she was shaking like a leaf. Good luck and safe driving.

Beth EnrightBeth Enright
5 Star Rating 🌟
Debbie was extremely friendly and provided good guidance and instruction while providing a 5 star service. The materials such as the LDC Driving Skills Workbook provided for me contained a lot of useful information and along with the tuition from Debbie it helped prepare me for my test. Thank you Debbie Beth was a pleasure to teach and really took onboard what we covered in each lesson. Beth had previously taken a test in September 2017 and hadn’t driven again until she came to me at the end of July this year. Her dedication showed in the result today with only 4 Driving faults. Good luck Beth and I wish you many happy and safe years of driving ahead.